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Treloar - On The Move: Expanding Horizons and Exciting Changes Ahead!

by Treloar November 28, 2023

As we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, we are pleased to share some exciting developments at Treloar that highlight our growth, expansion, and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our valued customers.

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Design and Build Reliable Industrial Fluid Systems – Use Treloar Valves

by Treloar November 08, 2022

Industrial fluid systems are a critical component of many industrial applications, where they are used for transporting high-temperature, high-pressure liquids and gasses. 

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Treloar Brings The Best ARTA Products to Make Your Industrial Fluid Transfers Safe and Efficient – Explore Our Range Now!

by Treloar November 02, 2022

Treloar is a well-known name in the engineering and distribution of industry-leading equipment and systems for ensuring safe and efficient transfers of critical fluids. 

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Final Update – Wesfarmers – CSBP Liquid Ammonia Loading Arms

by Treloar October 12, 2022

In continuation of our progress update from April 2022 on the initial case study regarding our project with Wesfarmers – CSBP, we now have the final update on how the project was completed. 

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A nitric acid transfer solution for Malindra Group

by Treloar June 20, 2022

We often get called in by customers who are using a product that hasn’t been working for them. There’s nothing more we love than problem-solving and finding a solution that works!  

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Problem-solving for the Koppers Australia - Newcastle Plant

by Treloar June 02, 2022

The team at the Koppers Australia - Newcastle Plant recently approached us with a tricky challenge. They advised they have a need to load and unload ships with products that are quite difficult to deal with without damaging the ship loading hoses and spilling product. 

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Unique design solution to onsite mining challenge

by Treloar May 04, 2022

Treloar was recently approached by engineering firm, Aspec, to come up with a structural solution for BHP for an onsite mining challenge.

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Progress Update: Wesfarmers-CSBP liquid ammonia loading arms

by Treloar April 04, 2022

In December 2021 we shared our initial case study on our project for Wesfarmers-CSBP who had successfully been using a Treloar solution for their liquid ammonia transfer system since 1998. In 2021 Wesfarmers approached Treloar with a need for emergency breakaways, which led to a plan to addresstrue

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Case Study: Wesfarmers-CSBP liquid ammonia loading arms

by Treloar December 08, 2021

Wesfarmers-CSBP has been using a Treloar solution for their liquid ammonia transfer system since it was originally installed in 1998 when Treloar worked with an international supplier to deliver many cutting edge projects and introduce new technologies to Australia. In this case, it was for Ammoniatrue

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The Treloar Difference: Problem solving through the sales process

by Treloar October 24, 2021

At Treloar, we don’t just manufacture and sell products. We prefer to utilise our in-depth technical knowledge to deliver solutions that not only help solve our client’s immediate needs but also uncover and solve problems.

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Visy Floating Suction Project: Manufacture and Testing Update

by Treloar October 14, 2021


Our progress with the Visy project this week was centred around the completion of the manufacturing phase, assembly and testing, and final revisions. It was another big week with the deadline looming, and more creative problem solving was required to deliver the solution totrue

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Visy Floating Suction Project: Progress Update

by Treloar October 13, 2021


The Treloar team has been hard at work this week finalising construction and preparing Visy’s custom floating suction for delivery. The process thus far has been relatively smooth, despite the team’s problem solving skills being called into action to successfully address sometrue

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Project Overview: Visy Floating Suction Project

by Treloar September 29, 2021


Visy is a global leader in the packaging, paper and resource recovery industries. They have been providing high quality, innovative and sustainable packaging products and solutions in Australia for over 70 years. Visy recently approached Treloar with a challenging problem - theytrue

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Explore the Treloar range of static earthing reels

by Treloar September 19, 2021

Used to control the discharge of unnecessary static electricity during the transfer of flammable liquids, static earthing reels are an important part of the Treloar product offering.

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Discover how Treloar’s 3 Seal Swivel Joints can save you time and money

by Treloar August 23, 2021

Having served Australian industries for close to a century, Treloar has evolved into an industry leading supplier of high-quality critical fluid handling products and services. Offering proven and dependable products and high technical standards, we are committed to the continual improvement of ourtrue

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Treloar Trading during COVID-19

by Treloar August 06, 2021

NSW health advice issues stay at home order for our local Hunter area

We will continue to operate as usual with warehouse still shipping orders

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Stepping up with WLT Folding Stairs

by Treloar June 23, 2021
With a commitment to finding the best possible solutions for our clients, we were recently approached by Coogee Chemicals with a unique challenge. As the producer of industrial, agricultural and mineral processing chemicals, Coogee Chemicals needed to upgrade their Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodiumtrue Read More

Australian first trial of ARTA dry breaks

by Treloar June 01, 2021

At Treloar, we’re committed to working with our customers to find the best possible solutions and are proud of our ability to go the extra mile by offering servicing, spare parts and technical abilities.

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Welcome to our new digital home

by Treloar September 29, 2020

As you may have noticed, things have changed a little bit around here.  

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Project: Loading Arm for Propylene Glycol (PGI)

by Treloar September 28, 2020

This was a loading arm for Propylene Glycol (PGI), the customer needed it in a very short lead-time and we were able to deliver.

Typically, this type of arm would take us 8-10 weeks as they are manufactured to order in our workshop, but we were able to deliver in just 6 weeks including paintingtrue

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Industry coupling offers LNG innovations

by Treloar September 27, 2020

Treloar Trading and its international partner ARTA are offering the global market new LNG products, including gas dry break and breakaway coupling technology as well as cryogenic equipment for loading and unloading.

LNG is a global commodity accounting for a significant percentage of worldwidetrue

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