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A nitric acid transfer solution for Malindra Group

by Treloar June 20, 2022

We often get called in by customers who are using a product that hasn’t been working for them. There’s nothing more we love than problem-solving and finding a solution that works!  

Recently we were approached by Manildra Group, who were finding it difficult to use their existing dry breaks for the transfer of nitric acid. Our team got to work reviewing the requirements of the Malindra Group transfer system, by visiting the site and reviewing their existing setup, and showing them some sample products before heading back to the workshop to devise a solution. 

The design we came up with included a loading arm and a set of ARTA dry-break couplings which are specifically designed to provide the spill-free transport of liquid and gaseous media in suction or pressure lines. They enable fast, safe coupling and uncoupling of hoses and piping which contain products under operating pressure as you’ll see in the below video demonstration by Treloar’s Engineering Manager, Paul Walton.

We created a 3D model to show Malindra Group our solution and highlight the advantages, which they were pleased with and agreed to proceed with a trial of the ARTA dry breaks. 

Stay tuned for an update on the trial and how this project proceeds.

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