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Progress Update: Wesfarmers-CSBP liquid ammonia loading arms

by Treloar April 04, 2022

In December 2021 we shared our initial case study on our project for Wesfarmers-CSBP who had successfully been using a Treloar solution for their liquid ammonia transfer system since 1998. In 2021 Wesfarmers approached Treloar with a need for emergency breakaways, which led to a plan to address some issues with the loading arms with the use of the more modern Treloar swivel joints.

These types of projects can tend to run along a timeline that spans many months, so we felt it was time to update our audience with the progress to date.

We have now completed the fabrication stage of the project with the welds having gone through the nondestructive testing (NDT) process and radiography checks. We have also assembled the lines and successfully completed a 6000kpa pressure test on each. 

Both the client and our team are exceedingly happy with the progress so far, so in the next steps, we will complete the final assembly and balancing before we perform the FAT (factory acceptance testing).

Stay tuned for updates on this project for Wesfarmers-CSBP.