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Explore the Treloar range of static earthing reels

by Treloar September 19, 2021

Used to control the discharge of unnecessary static electricity during the transfer of flammable liquids, static earthing reels are an important part of the Treloar product offering.

With a commitment to providing bespoke solutions and innovative products, we listened to our customers and evolved our static earthing reel range to provide safer and more practical solutions.

“After seeing demand for a longer 30 metre cable, we’ve decided to consolidate our offering to include just the orange and blank versions,” said Paul Walton, Treloar Engineering Manager.

“This has resulted in the amalgamation of four SKUs into two which helps maintain regular stock and makes ordering much easier. In addition to this, the orange static earthing reel has a smaller diameter which means we can fit more on the reel,” Paul said. 

The decision to focus on the orange and blank version is a result of the orange cable being more visible especially in low light situations which makes it a much safer option. And thanks to its highly visible colour, there is less risk of people forgetting to disconnect the cable.

The orange cable was also previously specified for aviation applications because it had a longer reach and therefore needed a lower electrical resistance to comply with AS/NZS 1020.

Treloar’s static earthing reels ensure reliable continuity is achieved through the use of a brass bush on a stainless steel shaft. Positive contact is maintained by a spring loaded thrust washer and the stainless steel components ensure corrosion doesn’t break continuity.

There are two basic versions of the reel, locking and non-locking. The locking reel features a simple to use locking mechanism that prevents the reel from unwinding due to vibration. There is also a non-locking reel which still offers some resistance to unwinding due to spring force. 

The change to only 1 cable type means there is no need to worry about the colour or length anymore. We still offer our special and military variants as before.

Treloar is passionate about providing safe, dependable products that protect our customers and the environments they operate in. No matter how challenging the task, we have the skills and technical expertise to develop solutions for your critical fluid transfer challenges. Talk to Treloar to find out how we can help you today.