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Visy Floating Suction Project: Manufacture and Testing Update

by Treloar October 14, 2021


Our progress with the Visy project this week was centred around the completion of the manufacturing phase, assembly and testing, and final revisions. It was another big week with the deadline looming, and more creative problem solving was required to deliver the solution to spec and on time.

We mentioned in our last post on this project that this was a challenging design. The nature of this project was such that some parameters were not 100% known, so we knew that the assembly and testing phase would be critical. Testing is a standard part of our project design and manufacture process and always applied to determine proof of concept.


Once the manufacturing phase came to completion, we assembled the parts and commenced the testing phase. This involved placing the float in water and testing to confirm that the buoyancy levels are correct. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, testing uncovered some issues that required the application of some minor design changes to optimise the functionality. 

Fast thinking was required to make these revisions with our deadline looming, so our “can-do” team worked over the weekend to adjust designs, manufacture new parts, re-assemble and test once again. Our efforts paid off with the new and improved design all going to plan!


The hard work put in over the weekend really paid off and allowed us to complete the project and ship to Visy on time. The product was packed in a crate, shipped to the customer, and is due to arrive in time for installation at the end of this week. 

Success for this challenging project really came down to the Treloar team’s commitment to innovation, quick thinking, flexibility and problem solving. Our great relationships with suppliers were also key in ensuring that we could access parts quickly, and deliver a premium solution for our customer. 

Stay tuned next week for a final wrap-up on the installation and completion of our Visy floating suction project.

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