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Industry coupling offers LNG innovations

by Treloar September 27, 2020

Treloar Trading and its international partner ARTA are offering the global market new LNG products, including gas dry break and breakaway coupling technology as well as cryogenic equipment for loading and unloading.

LNG is a global commodity accounting for a significant percentage of worldwide gas consumption. To keep up the pace and follow demand, LNG infrastructure requires continuous of innovation to continue its distribution needs. With the global market needing LNG in smaller packages for land distribution as fuel or decentralised power plants – which may be isolated from LNG hubs – safe loading and unloading has become a major industry necessity. Recognising this need, Treloar Trading and its international partner ARTA now offer industry-leading gas coupling technology and cryogenic equipment. Treloar prides itself on providing access to the latest technology with solutions tailored to individual client needs and can continue its long history of supplying critical fluid solutions and services through these ARTA components.

An impressive range

ARTA’s dry break couplings are systems for the spill-free transport of liquid and gaseous media in discharge and suction lines by enabling fast, safe coupling and uncoupling of hoses and piping. This can be done while the system is under working pressure.

Conversely, its breakaway couplings are designed only to separate if a dangerous situation occurs – such as the sudden departure of a tanker truck that is still connected to a hose line. In this instance, both halves of the separated coupling close with virtually zero product loss and by doing so, the system protects both the environment and the user and limits the risk of damage to the mechanical parts of the loading system.

ARTA’s coupling range has been in the industry for more than 50 years, and these products have been continuously upgraded to incorporate the latest technological advances to match current needs.

Built with the industry in mind, ARTA’s ASK-TT Dry Break Coupling guarantees safe and convenient coupling and uncoupling through its fast and easy operation from 1 to 8 inches (25-203 mm), thanks to the proven ARTA operating concept.

The design feats continue to be demonstrated across the range, with avoiding mistakes and minimising risks standing as the maxim for the NTS-TT Breakaway Coupling. The non- destructive separation mechanism is the leading choice to avoid force acting on a hose line or a loading arm, while the required separation force is independent of the operating pressure and pulling angle and is therefore reproducible.

Rounding off ARTA’s coupling product portfolio is the ADG-TT series, built with swivel joints for the small-mid scale area and the unique selling point of perfect ease of movement, even at cryogenic temperatures.

ARTA has furthered this unique ability by designing another product line, optimised for cryogenic applications. Built to withstand special requirements when handling media at low temperatures, the ARTA Cryofit Couplings range is suitable for transporting media down to -230° C.

Treloar Trading says by using ARTA components in combination with cooperation products, clients can achieve technically sophisticated loading stations as turnkey systems.

“100 per cent LNG incident-free clearly shows ARTA is the better choice from the start,” says Treloar.