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Australian first trial of ARTA dry breaks

by Treloar June 01, 2021

At Treloar, we’re committed to working with our customers to find the best possible solutions and are proud of our ability to go the extra mile by offering servicing, spare parts and technical abilities.

An example of this is our long standing relationship with German based, speciality fluid handling equipment company ARTA which enables us to provide customers with tailored solutions that target their problems in a unique and individualised way.

ARTA manufacture gas and liquid transfer products and were one of the first to introduce dry break and breakaway couplings for use in clean room, cryogenic and gas applications.

As the distributor of their products, we recently worked with them on an Australian first trial using their dry break products for chemical manufacturing company Koppers who came to us with a problem that we worked collaboratively to solve. 

What are dry breaks?

Dry breaks are used to ensure spill free product transfer by separating two parts of a fluid transfer system without losing any of the contents. They’re designed to ensure the safe and swift transfer of fluids and gases while protecting the operator and environment.


According to Paul Walton, Treloar Engineering Manager, the original concept for dry breaks came from a NATO design used for refuelling military equipment.

“There are so many dry break options available but ARTA have taken the original concept further through clever designs and high manufacturing standards which means their dry breaks are longer lasting and can handle almost any gas or liquid,” he said.

“The majority of standard dry break products aren’t designed to handle dangerous chemicals whereas ARTA made it their business to look for the best application and design solutions that can handle the strongest chemicals.”

“As a result, they’ve created a dry break product that makes product transfer much safer because the contents aren’t exposed to the atmosphere. This protects the operators and the environment while reducing waste and in turn, time and money,” Paul said.

Koppers trial the ASK-C dry break

One of our local clients, Koppers, came to us for assistance with dry break couplings. Their Newcastle plant uses coal tar from steelworks to produce coal tar pitch, an essential raw material that is used in Australian aluminium smelters.

They wanted to use dry breaks for loading products to minimise fugitive emissions, improve manual handling and eliminate product dripping from open ended loading hoses.

There was some initial concern that the coal tar could block the internal mechanism of the dry breaks because the crude tar can contain small particulate matter, however the trial was a success with minimal residue and some slight staining which was easily removed with cleaning. 

As a result, Koppers were extremely happy with the trial and are considering a project to use it on truck loading operations. And ARTA is now able to recommend their ASK-CI dry-break product to clients around the world who might need it for a similar application.

Treloar prides itself on innovative solutions and the application of world-class products to deliver upon our customer’s needs. No matter how challenging the task, we have the skills and technical expertise to develop solutions for your critical fluid transfer challenges. Talk to Treloar to find out how we can help you today.