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Treloar Brings The Best ARTA Products to Make Your Industrial Fluid Transfers Safe and Efficient – Explore Our Range Now!

by Treloar November 02, 2022

Treloar is a well-known name in the engineering and distribution of industry-leading equipment and systems for ensuring safe and efficient transfers of critical fluids. 

We bring you a complete range of equipment tailored for fluid transfers at service stations, tank trucks, depots, terminals, gas production plants, and many more. In our quest to make your fluid transfers as safe and efficient as possible, we partner with the top names in the market like ARTA

We stock a complete range of ARTA products, including nozzles, breakaway couplings, and dry breaks. ARTA products use modern coupling tech and allow us to offer cutting-edge solutions for your fluid transfer needs. Our collaboration with ARTA has helped us live up to our mission of providing safe and efficient critical fluid transfer solutions across multiple industries.

Before we get into the various solutions we have designed using ARTA breakaway couplings and other products, let’s review the ARTA products we stock and how they can help make your fluid transfers efficient. 

Treloar’s Range of ARTA Products

At Treloar, we stock a complete range of ARTA nozzles, breakaway couplings, and dry breaks. 

Here we have detailed their salient features and applications. 


ARTA Filler Nozzles are designed to fill just about any type of container we use today across different industries. There are different versions of the nozzles available, each appropriate for a particular application. The nozzles are also made using various materials to allow them to handle different media types, including chemicals, solvents, and aggressive media. 

The following features make ARTA filler nozzles some of the most efficient products on the market:

  • Safe, reliable closure when the operating pressure fluctuates 
  • AZV® automatic closing after reaching the desired level
  • Ability to achieve maximum fill levels through reduced foaming
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Prevent the release of harmful gasses while filling
  • Safety-certified worldwide

The filler nozzles in our ARTA range are tailor-made for filling small and large containers. They can be used in sampling, additives, and laboratory applications as well as canister and barrel operations. They include specific outlet tubes for precise filling and emptying of the containers, while the ergonomic hand levers allow for precision handling. 


ARTA’s engineered dry break couplings are made to transport gaseous and liquid media in pressure lines or suction completely safe and spill-free. 

These dry-break couplings have been designed to ensure the safe and fast coupling/uncoupling of piping and hoses. They allow for safe connection and disconnection when the fluid transfer system is under working pressure. 

You can expect these industrial components to last longer as their integrated swivel reduces mechanical wear. 

Here’s a quick look into some key features of our engineered dry-breaks: 

  • Quick and easy coupling/uncoupling in a single continuous rotation
  • Safe and spill-free transfers, both for the environment and the operator 
  • Automatic closure of the valves to prevent the loss of transported media
  • Ergonomic hand wheel makes for a fast loading process
  • Flow-optimised design ensures maximum flow during fluid transfers
  • Little maintenance is needed as the integrated swivel joint reduces mechanical stress
  • ARTA pin on the female part increases safety by preventing unintentional release
  • Mechanical lockout to ensure error-free coupling
  • Globally approved coupling for international safety standards

ARTA’s range of dry-break couplings can be used for safe and environmentally-friendly fluid transfers across various heavy industries like mining, construction, railways, agriculture, and port operations. The products have been used successfully for more than five decades, and even include a coupling range tailored for cryogenic applications. 


Treloar also stocks ARTA breakaway couplings – the emergency disconnect safety systems designed for ensuring safe fluid transfers. The breakaway couplings separate whenever a dangerous incident happens. 

For instance, if a tanker truck sets off while it is still attached to the hose line, the separated halves of the coupling close to avoid product loss and protect the environment and the operator. It also helps prevent various mechanical parts of the loading system. 

Let’s explore some of the key features of our breakaway couplings. 

  • ARTA’s NTS emergency disconnect system kicks in instantly upon sudden impact
  • Unintentional impact causes both halves of the coupling to disconnect, leading to instant closure of the valves on each side
  • Spill-free disconnection saves the operator and the environment

ARTA breakaway couplings can be used for transporting liquid, solid, and gaseous media safely. They have limitless applications in marine, petroleum, chemicals, and cryogenic applications. 

How We Helped Our Clients With Successful Solutions Using ARTA Products

At Treloar Trading, we believe that the use of ARTA components with other cooperation products can help our clients set up technically sophisticated loading stations as turnkey systems. 

Over the years, we have successfully deployed multiple critical fluid transfer systems where our clients were experiencing problems with their existing dry-breaks and breakaway couplings, and we resolved their issues using ARTA products. 

Here are a few examples for your reference. 


Koppers – a chemical manufacturing company – came to Treloar with a problem with their existing dry break couplings at their Newcastle plant. The plant used coal tar for the production of coal tar pitch – a raw material used in aluminium smelters. 

They needed dry breaks to minimise emissions, eliminate dripping from the open-ended loading hoses, and improve the manual handling of their loading products. Despite the initial concern around the possible blockage of the dry break’s internal mechanism with small particulate matter from crude tar, we were successfully able to improve the performance of their loading products with minimal residue. 

The client was happy with the successful initial trial and went ahead with the project, efficiently transferring coal tar from the ships to their plant. 


The Malindra Group approached us requiring a solution for the safe transfer of nitric acid, as their existing equipment had issues with the dry breaks. 

After having an on-site review of their current setup, we designed a loading arm with ARTA dry-break couplings for them to ensure spill-free transport of the nitric acid. The first phase of the project was to replace the existing dry-breaks with ARTA ASK fittings, The new fluid transfer system enabled fast and safe coupling/uncoupling of piping and hoses containing products under operating pressure. The client was happy with the results. 

If you are also looking to improve your existing industrial fluid systems and ensure all transfers are safe for the environment and the operators, invest in equipment designed with ARTA components. 

We’re always here to help design efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.