Tired of greasing swivel joints every month and replacing the seals every year?


We've listened to our customers and addressed any issues they had with our swivel joints.



Learn about the swivel joint upgrades we've made

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We've engineered a way to check seals are leaking without separating the body and tail so you can easily inspect annually and replace when needed

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We've replaced the dust seal with an o-ring to prevent water ingress, extending life

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We've added a backup seal which allows for planned maintenance

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Seals and bearings can be conveniently greased with different greases in each

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Split flange swivels allow seal replacement without removing ball bearings

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We can provide extreme service swivels from our trusted international partners to handle almost any fluid needing to be transferred (such as acid, caustic or speciality chemicals)


Swivel Joint Maintenance Requirement Improvements


Old Swivels

New Swivels

Grease Swivel Joint 1 month 1 year
Replace Dust Seal / O-Ring 1 year Replace O-ring(s) when required – Leak detection port allows annual inspection to determine if seal need to be replaced before a leak occurs

Treloar Swivel Joints

3000 Series swivel joints are available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles to meet virtually any application.

  • Standard Sizes: 3/4 in. to 12 in.
  • Standard Materials: Aluminum, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel
  • Standard Seals: Buna-N, Fluorocarbon, PTFE, EPDM, Neoprene
  • End Connections: FNPT, 150/300 ANSI Flanges, Butt/Socket Weld

Treloar has three types of swivel joints available from manufactured & cast, to highly engineered:

  1. 3000 series fabricated; Body and Tail – new 3 seal design. Lowest cost options
  2. 5000 series fabricated (Split flange); Flange, Body and tail – access and replace seals without removing ball bearings. Simple and easily serviceable options
  3. HSF series (Hygienic split flange); 2 x Flanges, Body and Tail – bearing system can be removed and replaced with no welding. Highly technical, can be used in food grade applications.

Treloar Swivel Joints are made in Australia.

All of our fabricated swivels and split flanges are machined, heat-treated, assembled and tested right here in the Hunter Valley!

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